Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer plans at Twin Cities Church!

Wow, this is a great summer! I want to applaud you for adapting and changing to the new Summer Service Schedule. You amaze me with your flexibility and desire to engage as we lead as many people as possible into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Next week we’re going to have dirt-moving equipment come level the space in front of our building where we had planned to build the Courtyard Project. That means we’re moving forward with the portion of the dream that will allow us to create community, deepen relationships, play together and celebrate weddings and other events. The landscape designer created what will be a beautiful place for us to gather, and I am eager to see what it will look like when it’s all finished.

The kitchen portion of the Courtyard Project will be included in our next building project, which will include recreational space, a multi-use room and adult ministry space. I will write more about this in a letter to be sent out in a few weeks with our giving statements through the end of July.

We’re making plans for an awesome end-of-summer picnic on August 17 at Pioneer Park in Nevada City. We’ll offer the grills, hot charcoal, ice cream, fun activities, band, swimming and baptisms. You bring your food and drinks. Expect to have a great time with your church family.

This Sunday we’re going to camp out in Daniel 4 as we continue our Babylon series. I am thrilled at how God is using this series to help us know how to live in our current cultural reality. If you miss a week, please watch or listen online so you can keep up with your church family.

Enjoying what God is doing in us this summer,

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