Thursday, June 19, 2014

A summer of spiritual opportunity

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

I want to applaud you for adapting and changing to the new Summer Service Schedule. You amaze me at your flexibility and desire to engage as we lead as many people as possible into a growing relationship with Jesus. Please plan on making this summer one of our best yet. God is moving, and we all want to be in on what He’s doing in our church and community.

Summer is a great time to change other patterns as well. I’d love to hear how you experience God this summer as you find yourself in different rhythms. I had the opportunity to go on a short vacation last week, and while away I was able to attend a church and a different setting than our own. That experience did three things for me.

First, I met with God as I was able to pray and celebrate with other Followers of Jesus in their ministry setting. Second, I was able to worship and learn – what was so cool is that they taught their crowd a new song called “Cornerstone” – one we do all the time. Third, I was able to hear from God as the pastor taught on the same story about Jesus asleep in the boat I had taught on the week before I went on vacation. I was able to go even deeper with God in applying this to my life.

Summer is really good for reading God’s Word and practicing disciplines like fasting, silence, or solitude. It’s a great time to get together with your Community Group just to hang and work on your spiritual friendships like Pastor Mark talked about on Father’s Day. It’s also a fresh opportunity to take on a new Bible study. We’re offering a study here at the church each Wednesday, July 9 – August 13 at 6:30, called Pursuing God’s Word Together. This group will study the book of 1 Thessalonians. It’s open to everyone.

As we enter into summer, let me encourage you to remain consistent and faithful in your giving. One way to give consistently is to practice giving online. I love how this allows me to give no matter where I am. Also, you can watch every service online no matter where you are this summer.

This Sunday we’re going to wrap up our Good Life series and receive Communion together. I hope you’ll be with us and kick off summer with a clean heart and a contrite spirit.

Looking forward to what God is going to accomplish in us this summer,

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