Thursday, January 23, 2014

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Believing AND Belonging

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

I loved how Mark ended his talk on Sunday with this thought: “You cannot grow spiritually unless you are connected relationally.” What a challenge! So many people believe that they can worship God or be spiritual in isolation, but the Bible is so clear that we need each other. There are fifty-eight one-anothers (such as serve one another) in the New Testament all requiring community as an essential element in order to fulfill them. We need each other.

Mark also pointed out that following Jesus requires far more than just believing. It’s not enough just to believe in Jesus because we’re more than believers, we’re also belongers. We are to belong in the family of God which is called the church. And as belongers, we’re now in the perfect spot to become like Jesus together.

The bottom line is this: We believe, then we belong and then we become all that God wants for us to be in the first place.

It’s in belonging that we’re able to accomplish far more than we could alone. It’s as we link arms together that we’re able to impact our world in ways we could never imagine if we launched out alone. This is one of the huge benefits of belonging to a local church. I am increasingly amazed at how God uses and blesses us in our efforts to serve this community. Most of us, including me, really have no concept of the scope or breadth of the impact we’re having as Twin Cities ambassadors go out week after week to serve the needs of our community.

This is why I’m going to give a strong appeal for you to come to church twice on February 9. In the morning we’re going to take a long look at our Mission here in Western Nevada County and around the world. In the evening at 6:00, we’re going to celebrate the fruit and blessings of living that Mission out. It’s going to be a Super Bowl type of experience including baptisms, lots of great music, examples of life change and a time of renewal.

Those who trust in the Lord will gain new strength.

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