Thursday, October 17, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Monthly Food Drive!

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

Prayer changes things, and God is using our prayer series to change us. Week after week, people tell me that they’ve been challenged to look at their prayer habits, and, like me, many have realized a lack of intensity and persistence when it comes to prayer. In our Community Group one of our members had scheduling conflicts that kept her from attending two Sundays, but she listened each week online. I consider this person to be an avid prayer warrior, and yet she has been challenged with her prayer patterns and intensity.

Maybe you’ve missed a week or two. If so, will you take a few minutes and watch online because this prayer stuff really matters? Prayer can change things! This week we’ll focus on ways we can pray that open us up to God’s transforming power.

Two weeks ago we broke ground on our Courtyard Project, and now it looks like we’re actually going to get our grading permit soon. This Sunday, we’ll have tents and tables set up so you can stop by and ask the questions I’m sure you have. I am so excited about what this tool can do to help us serve our community and strengthen our sense of family.

Our Fall Friend Day is October 27, and I’m praying for the friends we’re ready to invite. Hopefully, you’ve been investing in a relationship so that it’s natural to talk about faith kinds of things…THIS is a perfect time to boldly invite that friend or family member to church.

A few weeks ago, a person who professes to be an atheist attended one of our services.  This person was surprised by the authenticity and caring atmosphere of our church. This is a common experience of people who come here with doubt, skepticism and their defenses high. I hope you’ll take the risk this week to plant the seeds for October 27. I will begin a series that day out of Proverbs. We all need wisdom, and the Bible is the greatest source of wisdom.

Praying for all those who will say "yes" to Jesus because of our faithfulness,

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