Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Be Wise!

Hey Friends and Family of TCC,

Let’s just begin by admitting together that we all do dumb things. Right? Some of us even specialize in it. I told you on Sunday that I feel like I’m the poster boy for this series we get to start on Sunday. The title is “Be Wise: Stop Doing Dumb Things.” The concept is simple. If we become wiser, we will make better decisions. And I think we all want to make better decisions.

That’s why I am so excited about this series through Proverbs. But it begins with our being willing to admit that we need a source of wisdom greater than the knowledge we’ve gleaned through life. A person called our office this week and was offended by the tagline for the series – thinking that we were being too hard on people or that we somehow had the market on wisdom. We are just making light of our own fallibility and our failed attempts to live life without bumps and bruises. Even though it’s amusing to make fun of ourselves, the consequences to some of our dumb choices and decisions are disastrous and extremely costly.

That’s why I would like to ask two things of you. First, will you make plans to be here for every message in this series? I don’t believe there’s one week that won’t relate to every one of us in a significant way. Second, will you invite your friends and family to come THIS SUNDAY as we kick off the series? I will be laying the foundation for the rest of the series on Sunday, and I know it will be something we all need to hear.

The FFF train is picking up speed. If you’ve not yet chosen a place to serve or a booth to staff, please make sure to contact Angel at ext. 400 to pick your spot. Also, please remember to bring your candy on Sunday so we can be prepared for Thursday. BTW, I ordered a special costume for this year! Hope to see you all there.

Praying for all the friends and family who are recieving invitations to come Sunday,

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