Thursday, June 6, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Our Calling

Hey Everyone,

I was so moved on Sunday at our picnic at LWW. One person said, as we were looking across the sea of blankets, easy-ups and people, “This is a piece of Heaven.” Just watching so many Twin Cities people gathered together in one place enjoying one another and having fun was very fulfilling and speaks highly of who our church is.

One of the really cool aspects of Sunday was how many people I met that had been invited at some point by a friend or loved one. In fact as we witnessed 34 people who went “public for Jesus” through baptism, many of those people came because they had been invited. And because we all work together to make Twin Cities a welcoming and friendly environment where people can experience the love of Jesus, they took the risk to take steps toward Him.

Many of you bought and ate meals that were prepared by an awesome team we call the “Twin Cities Cooking Team.” I want to thank the men and women who cooked and served that spectacular meal on Sunday. What amazes me is that several members of the team cooked meals for two different events that same week for At-Risk Students as part of our Community Impact mission. Thank you for representing Jesus and Twin Cities Church so well. If you’d like to serve on this team, just contact our office. As we move forward on our Courtyard Project, we’re going to have many more opportunities to serve our community.

As the day ended, I was reminded that one year earlier we were at Western Gateway Park talking about our D3 vision to help as many people as possible Connect to God, Experience Community, and Extend Compassion. Folks, Western Nevada County needs a strong group of Christ Followers who put the needs of others before their own. What I continue to see is that our church continues to take that as our calling.

Thank you for allowing me the freedom and privilege of walking this journey with you. I love each of you and pray that you see God in a new way this summer.

This week, we’ll continue our series we’re calling “Encouragement for Today’s Family.” On Sunday, we’ll talk about how our families can become passionate about developing a family faith. This message will be for everyone because faith is so central to our lives – even if you live by yourself.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!

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