Thursday, May 2, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church!

Hey Everyone,

Last Sunday was pretty amazing as we experienced the never-ending love of God together. I have had so many comments and emails from Sunday that I wanted to bring it back to mind. First, if you weren’t there, you owe it to yourself to watch this, and if you have a junior high or high school student watch it with them. We talked about the source of a healthy self-image – not self-esteem or confidence, but a self-image that is based upon what God says.

One of the elements of the service I had to cut because of time is this video made by a soap company. I would highly suggest that every man and woman watch this and allow the truth of how these women see themselves compared to how others see them to speak directly to you.

We saw on Sunday that our image is formed by our parents, peers, authority figures, the media and God. Most people believe themselves to be less than those around them because the external messages are so loud, influential and strong. When we listen to God and His view of us when we are united with Jesus, we see ourselves from an entirely different viewpoint. We are more beautiful than we think.

This Sunday we will focus on how to get “Unstuck” from our discouragement concerning our future. This is where many people live today as we continue to come out of the Great Recession. If someone you know feels stuck and wonders if there is anything positive in their future, make sure to invite them this week.

Getting unstuck together,

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