Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Monthly Food Drive!

Hey Everyone,

Several people told me that they really didn’t want to come last week to hear about HELL! Honestly, I don’t blame them one bit. Yet, they all said, “I’m glad I came. This was enlightening and gave me such a clear view of the difference between those who go to Heaven and those who don’t.” One person told me, “I was even more grateful for what Jesus did so that I could be sure of where my eternal destiny lies.” Another said, “This motivates me more than ever to be praying for those in my world that I am not sure about.”

I say all of that to inspire you to watch the service online even if you were there on Sunday, but especially if you weren’t. I was amazed at how God worked.

This Sunday we’re going to deal with the Reality of Pain and Suffering. Since this is an issue we all face, some more than others, I want to encourage you to do two things. One, be here to listen to a clear presentation of how God works through this reality. Second, invite your friends. Pain and suffering is one of the biggest issues that lead people to get angry at God and reject Him. I think this week has the chance to heal some deep hurts that people carry from their interpretation of how God has or has not met them in their pain.

Sunday is also our monthly food drive that helps supply the shelves at Interfaith Food Ministry. Our community continues to have people who are struggling deeply financially, and, therefore, Interfaith continues to struggle to meet all the demands. Will you make a special effort this week to bring a bag of nonperishable type foods with you to church? Our team that works closely with Interfaith will be here to receive your food and deliver it to help stock the shelves and meet the needs of hundreds of our neighbors.

Learning to walk in God's reality,

Pastor Ron

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