Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - "Fall Back" This Weekend!

Hey Everyone, God gave us the Bible for transformation, not information. I love that line and hope you’ve come to love it as well as we’re reaching the third week in 40 Days In The Word. On Sunday we talked about how the Bible changes and transforms us. I think we’ve become confused in our “let’s make life easier” world about the fact that transformation often requires pain, discipline and plain old hard work. Thank you for your encouragement as we described how the Bible is the best source for life-change. It’s also the best source for life.

If you are not part of the 40 Days spiritual emphasis, I want to encourage you to join us in watching the daily devotionals that go with our study. These were made available to help us get the most out of our study, but I’m finding them to be very essential to what God is doing in me. You can go to our Facebook page or just click on this link to get there. There is one devotional for each day of the 40 Days. They do not replace the study we’re doing in our Community Groups, but they offer good food for thought.

This Sunday we’ll talk about the idea of illumination and how God speaks to us through our Bibles. The Holy Spirit takes words on a page and helps us hear them as words from God that help us hear exactly what He wants us to hear. I am amazed at how often God speaks to me about something as I discipline myself to be engaged in His Word.

Engaging in God's word with you,

Pastor Ron

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