Thursday, October 4, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - The Worry App

Hey Everyone, The excitement is growing as we get closer 40 Days In The Word kickoff! I was so proud of the Community Groups team last Sunday at the Leader Training event. They did a great job at creating a huge sense of excitement in us all about what God could do through this spiritual emphasis. I also want to thank all the leaders who came to be trained so they could be used by God to serve their groups in the best possible way.

Sunday will be a great day to make sure you’ve secured a spot in a 40 Days In The Word Group. Remember, if you’re in a Community Group, you’re all set, but if you’re not, please make sure to look for the Participant Sign-up cards in Sunday’s program. We’re going to staff our Groups Tent with even more volunteers the next two weeks to help guide you through the process.

Our Fall season is going to be packed full of opportunities to enjoy our church family and extend compassion to our community and world. Here is a sampling:

  • October 6: Golf Tournament to benefit TCC Youth Camp Scholarships. You can still sign up by calling Jason Craig at 274-8053
  • October 6: Sister’s Closet. Bring women’s clothing Friday. Shop for free clothing on Saturday, 9am-noon
  • October 6: Gracefest. Our TCC band will play from 10-11am at Grace Lutheran on Ridge Road
  • October 14: Friend Day – Please invite your friends for our 40 Days In The Word Preview service
  • October 19,20: 24-Hour Prayer for God’s presence during 40 Days In The Word
  • October 21: Official launch of 40 Days In The Word
  • October 31: Fall Family Festival. Great opportunity to serve the families of our local community
  • November 11: Operation Christmas Child Collection Day
  • November 18: Help Our Neighbors Food Drive

This week we’re going to download “The Worry App.” I hope you’ll be here because this APP will change your life.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Ron

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