Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Bring a Friend!

Hey Everyone, Sunday is Friend Day and a preview service for our 40 Days In The Word spiritual emphasis. I am praying with you for the friends, family and co-workers we’re extending that invitation to for Sunday. Survey after survey of non-church going people shows that they would consider attending if someone would just ask them.

I heard someone talking the other day, and it was interesting how they used our “Big Church” as a landmark. Another person commented on how Twin Cities is such a positive influence in our community – always seeking to help. Someone else told me that they had been hearing about Twin Cities for five years but had never attended. When he did, he was amazed to see lots of people he already knew. I say all that to encourage you. People know of our church, but they may need encouragement to try it for themselves. When they do, they are surprised and feel like this is a place where they could belong. Will you pray with me for all those people we’re inviting for Sunday?

Sunday will be a great day to make sure you’ve secured a spot in a 40 Days In The Word Group. Remember, if you’re in a Community Group, you’re all set, but if you’re not, please make sure to look for the Participant Sign-up Cards in Sunday’s program. We’re going to staff our Groups Tent with even more friendly folks on Sunday to help guide you through the process.

Most importantly, will you consider praying for ONE HOUR on October 19-20 during our 24-Hour Prayer
Encounter? It starts at 6:00pm on Friday and ends at 6:00pm on Saturday. You can let us know your time slot on Sunday.

Eagerly anticipating the opportunity to read God's Word with you,

Pastor Ron

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