Thursday, September 6, 2012

This Week@ Twin Cities Church - Communion

Hey everyone, last Sunday we began our “Life Apps” series as we focus on applying God’s word to our lives. Our world is full of apps for our smart phones. Well, the smartest book ever written – the Bible – is full of Apps God has given to help us walk in wisdom. This week we’ll download the “Forgiveness App” as we observe communion together. Forgiveness is such a complicated thing and yet it’s so clear that Jesus’ number one mission in coming to earth was to offer us God’s forgiveness. The Bible also makes it abundantly clear that those who are forgiven MUST be forgivers.

On Sunday I’ll tackle this by giving you clear teaching from God’s word about forgiveness and how you can receive forgiveness from God and give forgiveness to others who hurt you. Forgiveness is never easy. In fact, it’s quite costly. When you think about how much God was willing to pay so that we could have forgiveness, it motivates us to move against our natural desires for revenge and justice and release the hurt we’ve received from others.

This is why communion is so important and why we want to be at church every time communion is offered. It’s a chance for us to be reminded of God’s offer of forgiveness and freedom. It’s a chance to come before the fountain of His grace and allow Him to cleanse us of guilt and sin’s stain. Communion is also a time to let go of the debt we feel others owe us.

God wants you to be free. Free from guilt and free from resentment. I pray you will come Sunday and let His Holy Spirit break whatever chains of regret and resentment you carry.

Applying God's Word to my life,

Pastor Ron

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