Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Our New Logo!

Hey everyone, I have been so excited about your response to our new logo. People have said things to me like, “It’s fresh.” “It feels so alive.” “I really like the colors, they are so joyful.” Let me explain some of the symbolism in this logo. This logo represents life, truth, authenticity, outward focus, joy, celebration, witness and mission.

Notice that it illustrates our primary values: We are a church concerned with going out to reach those who are not yet part of God’s family. We will go, doing all we can, to help our neighbors and friends experience the life Jesus promises to all who believe in Him. It illustrates the value that we will be a place where it’s safe to come as you are. This logo really illustrates that church is about life and relevance; church is about joy and transformation. It illustrates that we see ourselves as wavers of the banner of hope and grace that all can experience through the power of Jesus Christ.

Over the next few months, we will make the new logo transformation in our printed materials and community presence. As we move forward in our 3rd decade of doing life together, it’s our prayer that this new expression speaks to all of us about the importance of all we do as a church to help people take their next steps toward and with God.

This Sunday we will begin our “Life Apps” series as we focus on applying God’s word to our lives. Our world is full of apps for our smart phones. Well, the smartest book ever written – the Bible – is full of apps God has given to help us walk in wisdom.

Making application part of my life,

Pastor Ron

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  1. Love the new logo as well! Looking forward to the next phase of my life...putting the past hurts behind me; and learning how to choose kinder words so that I never hurt another soul again. We all need help in this world and I'm for whatever teaches us how to have a closer walk with God. I know living by example will be the best way to reach others and hopefully show them that God loves us unconditionally.