Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Spiritual Adventure

Hey Everyone,

By now most of you have either read or heard about the upcoming spiritual adventure we’re going to embark on as a church family called “40 Days In The Word: Read For Life.”  When we were together at the park in June for our celebration, I talked about our goal to Encounter God more in the coming decade.  In our 20 year history, there has been no single event that has allowed our entire church to go deeper with God that has been more effective than the spiritual growth emphases like 40 Days In The Word.

I want to ask you to begin now by praying and seeking God’s provision and wisdom as we engage in what we believe will be possibly the greatest spiritual emphasis we’ve ever undertaken.  For forty days we are going to walk together as we learn the Word, love the Word and live the Word.  We’re going to ask everyone to participate by engaging in the 40 Days In The Word components – The Sunday services, a Community Group and Extend Compassion projects.  The adventure kicks off on October 14 when we have our fall Friend Day and invite not just our church, but our community to join us as we learn to engage in the Bible together.

Right now we’re recruiting potential group leaders who will open up their homes so that every person who calls TCC home will have a place to be included in the Community Groups component of this emphasis.  If you would like to know what that would entail, please call Nancy at our church office for more details.  Her extension is 300. 

On Sunday we continue “The Arena” series as we look at Moses, one of the most influential and inspirational figures from Old Testament history.  I think you’ll find that we all deal with some of the same questions Moses had to answer before he could be used by God. 

See you Sunday,

Pastor Ron

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