Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Inspiring Others

Hey Everyone,

I don’t know how it’s been at your house, but the Thompson family has had all eyes glued to our video screens watching the 2012 Olympics. I am amazed at the pressure these athletes are under as they perform on the world stage for all to see. You have to be a person of strong courage to stand strong and compete at this level with the eyes of the world analyzing everything you do from your preparation to your performance to your post-competition attitudes.

I say all that to remind you that the world is looking inside another arena with a similar critical view. The world we live in is watching to see if those who claim to know Jesus live and love like Jesus. They want to know if our faith is more than just religious observance and church attendance. They want to know if followers of Jesus really do care more about others than they do about their religious subculture.

Folks, this is a challenge, and I believe we’re up to it. I believe we realize the vital urgency that now, more than maybe any time in history, those who know Jesus, love Jesus and live for Jesus must be fearless at telling others about His love and the life that He offers.

“The Arena: Inspiring a Generation of Champions” is all about us learning to live by faith. And faith is more than just a belief. The bottom line of faith is this: Trusting God enough to act. Do those in your world see that kind of faith in your life? Would they want to know Jesus as they see you know Him? Would they be drawn to Him by watching you live your life? These are sobering questions.

As we continue our series through Hebrews 11, I hope you will do more than just ask questions about how faith impacts your life. I really pray you will ask God how your faith can inspire others to move toward belief in Him and life in Jesus Christ.

I love our church.

Pastor Ron

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