Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Sobering Truth

Hey Everyone,

Even with the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics scheduled for Friday, most of the U.S. is focused on Colorado as the family, friends and community grieve the loss of twelve lives. I urge you to pray for those who are walking around in shock and disbelief over the loss of life. The stories have been both heartbreaking with so many lives tragically changed and at the same time inspiring as we hear of the acts of bravery by a few that kept even more people from death.

Lee Strobel, pastor and author, spoke at his church in the Denver area on Sunday and said this, “For all the things this tragedy leaves us confused about, one of the truths it clearly illustrated is that life is so fragile and short. These people were just going to a movie. They had no idea that this might be their last moments to live in this world.”

Folks that should be sobering in light of the fact that death marks the end of a person’s opportunity to say “Yes” to Jesus Christ. It marks their last moment to change their eternal destination from a Christless eternity to one that will be marked by God’s full presence – from hell to heaven. I am sobered by this truth. It gives me a heightened sense of urgency.

If you missed Sunday, please go online and watch my message on Noah. At the end I talk about the fact that Jesus prophesied that a wave was coming, and that He was the only hope of surviving that coming wave. You owe it to yourself and this world to know what God says about the reality that this wave (His judgment) is one no one can avoid. Let’s help people get prepared for that day.

On Sunday, we’re going to take a look at Abraham and Sarah and their wholehearted obedience to God’s calling. They can inspire us to be champions of faith.

Pastor Ron

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