Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church: People of Faith

Hey Everyone,

I’ve really been challenged this week by the quote from Sunday’s message on Enoch and his walk with God. “To walk with God is to go to the same place on the same path at the same pace.” That kind of walk requires faith. What I love about Enoch is that he wasn’t some celebrity or out-of-reach superstar. He was just a normal and ordinary guy who came to faith because of the birth of his son and then learned what it was like to walk with God. And because of that walk, he is second in the list of God’s Hall of Faith.

The reason that excites me is that we can all do what Enoch did. God has a place or destination for all of us. We can make that our number one goal. God has a path He wants us on – one that is in alignment with His character with no compromise along the way. And He wants to set the pace. I so dislike that last part. Traveling at God’s pace is MOST OFTEN much slower than we would ever want. Yet, the key to coming continually closer to God in constant conversation is to walk at His pace.

What do you need to do today to become a person of faith? Are you going to the place you know God wants? Are you on His path? Are you racing ahead of Him or maybe lagging way behind? I want to encourage you to ask Him to show you so you’ll know.

Remember the second P, in our 5/5 Lord’s Prayer Challenge is to ask God to show you His Priority and to follow Him each day. Go for it. You won’t be disappointed, and others will see that you have something that satisfies and fills your life with joy.

On Sunday, we’re going to take a look at Noah. He was a man who really stood out in his world because of his choice to listen to God and respond with faith.

Pastor Ron

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