Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Week @ Twin Cities Church - The Arena

Hey Everyone,

I really hope you make the conscious choice to carve out time this summer to hear from God. When we were at the park on June 3, I talked to you about how our goal in the next decade is to help us Encounter God, Experience Community and Extend Compassion. Folks, you will encounter God to the degree to which you pursue God.

This summer is a great chance for you to pursue God. Carving out time daily is essential. We gave you two rhythms in January I believe can help you in your pursuit of God. They were in the form of challenges. One is to read the Bible daily using our daily reading plan. Two is to pray five requests from the Lord’s Prayer for five minutes each day. I am trying something different for the next few months. I’m going to pray the Lord’s Prayer and its petitions three times a day. I really want to meet with God this summer in a new and fresh way.

Another way to pursue God this summer is to be faithful in your church attendance. Even though I was not at TCC last Sunday, I did go to church. I was overwhelmed by how God met me as I worshiped with other people who are also pursuing God.

Even though I know there will be times when we’re all away this summer, when you are home, make church a priority. We’re beginning a new series this Sunday. It’s based on Hebrews 11, and we’re using an Olympics theme to coincide with the London games that begin July 27.

Pursuing God passionately,

Pastor Ron

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