Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Staying Connected This Summer

Hey Everyone, we’re now officially into summer, and the vacation season is upon us.  I know I am looking forward to some time away from the office to be rejuvenated.  Let me give some thoughts on how we can all make the most of the summer vacation season.

First, make time for God.  I’m not talking about your daily quiet time.  I’m actually talking about doing something while you’re off work or out of school to connect with God in a fresh way.  You might read a spiritual book, or do a half-day alone with just you and God, or engage in a service project.  One man I know told me that he has dedicated one day a week to serving someone for free.  No charge.  He’s already blessed.

Second, make time for God’s church.  One of the thrills of my time away is attending other churches.  I always look for a church I can attend so I can hear from God.  It’s good to be with His people.

Three, make time to give financially.  I make sure to keep my offerings to our church consistent during the summer which is typically a down time for offerings.  That’s why I rely on our online giving option to help with my consistency.  You might try it if you never have before.

Four, make sure to be here when you can.  On July 1, we will begin new series called “The Arena.”  Our summer series will take us through Hebrews 11 using an Olympics theme in conjunction with the summer Olympics in London.  We’ll look at how ordinary men and women inspired generations to follow by their trust in God. Faith is believing God and trusting Him enough to do what He says.

Staying connected to God through the summer,

Pastor Ron

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