Thursday, June 14, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Father's Day

Hey everyone, I’ve had some experiences lately that have been a catalyst for thoughts concerning being a dad. My dad went to Heaven 14 months ago, Kim’s dad went to Heaven 4 months ago, my son graduated from high school, and my daughter is moving into junior high. All of this has made me pause and reflect on fatherhood.

As we come to Father’s Day, I am thinking of all of you who have lost your dad. Many of us had a dad who was in some ways bigger than life. I remember my son called me recently and said “Dad, I couldn’t wait to talk to you about…” I know that some of you feel that way and yet you will never hear your dad’s voice or feel his touch again. I pray you will experience the closeness of our Heavenly Father.

Some of us dads come to Father’s Day, and our focus is more on what we wish we had done differently. We live with regret over choices made, time lost or pain caused. Dad, you are not perfect, and no one really expects you to be. So I prayed today that if you feel regret that you take responsibility by sharing with your kids, if you can, and by asking for forgiveness. You can begin today making different choices.

Dads, on Sunday we will honor you, give you encouragement and let you know how grateful we are for you. We want to celebrate you and the vital role you fill in your family’s life.

We’ll also celebrate communion together. Communion is a time of remembering as we reflect on what Jesus made possible by dying on the cross. He made it possible for us to be restored, renewed and refocused. We’re restored because He forgives us. We’re renewed because He has changed us. We’re refocused because He has given us a purpose.

Following Jesus with you,

Pastor Ron

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