Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Celebrating our Celebration!

Hey everyone, I’ve been soaking in the most amazing memories created this weekend with our TCC @ the Park event! If I had to nail it down, the aspect of Sunday for which I feel the most gratitude is the awesome servants and staff God has given us at TCC. Thank you to all of you for making the day an awesome success.

I sent this email to our entire staff after we had celebrated together. “Hey Gang, thanks so much for your participation at the park. I love being able to serve here with all of you. I was never more proud of our church and who we are! God is doing a GOOD thing in our midst. I had the opportunity to hang out with one of our founding members in the afternoon. We were standing together with tears in our eyes blubbering about how good God has been and how much we are looking forward to the next decade together. Thank you so much!”

What was your highlight? Will you respond and let me know? Was it the delectable lunch, worship concert by Lincoln Brewster, serving your church family, hanging out together, the magician in the children’s area, the awesome parking crew, hearing Desiree’s story, or watching 46 people go public for Jesus? Please let me know what touched you most.

I received this text on Sunday evening. “What a celebration of 20 years of miracles. Our Community Group was there all together. We had study tonight and did the message notes from today. WOW! It was so powerful. I wish you could have heard the awesome testimonies from the service. And above all… a new couple came. They listened to God as you spoke of growing smaller. We love our church."

If you missed Sunday and want to know more about our D3 mission to Encounter God, Experience Community and Extend Compassion, make sure to watch online.

An unforeseen aspect of Sunday at the park is that our giving was considerably lower than normal. On weeks like this, I have found it convenient to use our online giving service so I can keep giving consistently.

On a mission with you,

Pastor Ron

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