Thursday, March 8, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Thank You!

Hey everyone, thank you to everyone who invited friends, shook hands, smiled, served donuts, cheered, celebrated, and dreamed with us last Sunday for our 20th Anniversary Celebration Party! The place was electrified with God’s Spirit and Power.

Thank you to all of you who parked in the dirt, gave up “your” seat, helped someone find a parking spot, held a baby, loved on a kid, gave a positive word to a student, sang a song, played an instrument or made a coffee drink.

Thank you to our video team for making the “I Am Twin Cities” montage.

Thank you to the faithful folks who folded programs, hung balloons, wrote names on tags, greeted guests, helped people find seats, and prayed for those with needs. It takes all of us to do what God has called us to do and be. I am so proud of our church. We Are Twin Cities!

This week is another great week to invite your friends. We will focus on understanding and waking up to the simplicity of faith. Faith is a very confusing term in our world, but in the Bible it’s not at all. Faith is taking God at His word. I hope you’ll come ready to hear God’s word for you this Sunday.

Remember to SPRING AHEAD this weekend as the time changes.

Coming awake with you,

Pastor Ron

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