Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - 20th Anniversary!

Hey everyone, Let’s Party! I have been praying that Sunday will be a new beginning filled with new passion as we celebrate 20 years together. First of all, we want to thank God for His extravagant grace and blessings. If you missed Sunday evening watch it before you come to church this weekend. That will give you even more context. Thank you God!

Second, I want to thank all the awesome servant-minded volunteers who give so much week after week to make what we do possible. We would not be who we are as a church without the incredibly humble and sacrificial people who have linked arms with us in this journey. Thank you!

Third, I want to thank the pastoral and administrative staff God has allowed us to gather here. The quality of staff we have is beyond compare. I am so grateful to get to serve beside these dedicated women and men in this grand adventure. Thank you!

Sunday has the potential to be a big day for us. God has prepared our hearts through the Rhythms series, Daily Bible Reading, 5/5 Lord’s Prayer Challenge, 28 Days of Fasting, and Re-think Leadership because He wants to unleash us for even greater impact for Him. I am so thrilled and encouraged by how you have so willingly and eagerly engaged during this time of preparation.

I am praying for the friends you plan to invite. It’s never too late in the week to make that invitation. Let God use you!

HELP: If you will be serving in any capacity this Sunday, please park off-pavement and arrive early. We have spots on both ends of our parking lot where you can park. Let’s serve by making it as easy as possible for our friends and guests to get in and get out. Remember to be your friendly and courteous selves to everyone you see.

See you Sunday as we celebrate 20 years together,

Pastor Ron

**Listen to Ron & Kim’s KNCO Radio Interview from 2/29!**

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