Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Second Chances

Hey everyone! I received several comments and emails last week after the service on FAITH. First, thank you so much for letting me know how the things we do, including the messages we give, impact you. Second, thank you for your heart! I was so thrilled at how many people heard last Sunday as a wake-up call. The question that I got the most comments about was, “Would the people in your world be able to determine you are a follower of Jesus based – not upon what you say – but on what you do?”

I want to pose that to us again. Would the people at work know you are a person who follows Jesus Christ based upon your attitude, integrity, mouth, words, work ethic, dependability or honesty?

Would the people you hang with socially be able to know you are a follower of Jesus by the way you talk, the way you spend or consume stuff, the attitude you display, the gossip you share, the encouragement you give, the entertainment you watch or the substances you consume?

Would the people in your home see Jesus in you based upon the tone you use when you speak, the anger you spew, the consistency you display, the values you express, the love and compassion you share, the touch you give or the forgiveness you offer or seek?

I just had to ask those questions because last night I had a difficult night managing the side-effects of my medications. In my mind, it was ugly. And if my family were to judge me based upon about a five minute run, they would have to say, “Jesus was nowhere to be seen.” I am so glad for second chances. You have a second chance at work, in your social settings and at home, too. Make the most of it and live by faith.

On Sunday, we’ll talk about one of the most important aspects of the Christian faith – our ability to embrace God’s love for us.

Coming awake with you,

Pastor Ron

**Remember that Sunday 3/18 is our monthly food drive! Click here for more information!**

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