Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - A Warm Smile

Hey everyone! I received this Connection Card comment today: “Tomorrow is our 24th wedding anniversary. Thanks to Twin Cities Church and Celebrate Recovery, Jesus Christ is now at the center of our marriage. Thank you to all who serve and make this possible. Yea God!!!” Isn’t that just awesome? I love how God continues to use our efforts to help people discover the hope and new life we can have through a relationship with Jesus and His church. Thank you for serving, giving and sacrificing so others can know new life.

A few Sundays ago, I noticed something I want to bring to our attention. On this Sunday during the greeting and welcoming time, I saw a woman and her daughter (obviously guests) standing during the entire segment wondering if anyone was going to welcome them. All around people were laughing, talking and touching, but for some reason on this week no one noticed this woman and her daughter standing there alone. I could tell by their faces they were feeling left out. I did make my way back to them before the song ended, and they were so relieved to have a warm welcome.

People tell us all the time that we are such a friendly church. Yet, I know there will be times when in our zeal to talk to our friends we miss out on those who want to know if our church, or any church, or even God, Himself, cares. A touch, word and smile is all it takes to break through that barrier and help someone feel welcome and included.

This Sunday, make sure to look for those right next to you who need a welcome word. Just a reminder, we used to talk more about being available in the lobby to greet people. That’s another time when it’s easier to tell when someone is here for the first time. This Sunday, look for those folks and make them feel welcome with a warm smile and a “Good Morning.”

Coming awake with you,

Pastor Ron

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