Thursday, December 1, 2011

This Week @ Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody, it seems like all America is moving at a rapid pace toward December 25. As I watched the news this week about the largest spending weekend in history, it made me thoughtful. Of course, we are all repulsed by the maniacs and over-zealous shoppers we’ve read about. We are all saddened when we hear of people being run over, trampled and even overlooked in emergency situations just to get that best deal.

I gave a challenge on Sunday – “Just be NICE. Let the love of Jesus shine brightly because it’s going to directly contrast with what many people are experiencing.” I pray we will all be civil, polite, and courteous in all our dealings with people remembering that we represent Jesus Christ.

Christmas is really more about love than it is about gifts. It’s more about relationships than it is about parties. It’s more about giving than it is about getting. I ask you to consider how you can serve others this Christmas. Be a surprise to someone else. I got a note on Sunday from a gal who said, “I am in a very difficult time. My hours were cut back last week, and I couldn’t see how I could possibly afford a Christmas tree. Well, when I arrived home, someone had anonymously left a tree outside my door. Miracles happen.” Be someone’s miracle this Christmas.

I hope you will make your way out to Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley on Friday. We have a combined chorus of children and students who will be singing Christmas carols and sharing the love of Jesus. Come on out, enjoy good Christmas music and support our kids in front of the Holbrooke Hotel at 6:30pm.

This Sunday continues our Year-End Giving emphasis. Make sure to spend time asking God to show you what He would have you give as a way of expressing your gratitude to Him and your church.

Pastor Ron

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