Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Week @ Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody, I am so thrilled to tell you that God created you just like you are, and He loves you! What a great promise we looked at last weekend. If you were not here, please go online and watch the service; you’ll be glad you did. Our drama and music teams were exceptional as they opened our hearts up to receive a very affirming and positive message about each person’s uniqueness.

As we look forward to Thanksgiving, I wanted to help give some ideas that might inspire gratitude for God’s wonderful work in our lives. First, life is hard, but God is good. It’s just a reality that life can be full of difficulty and can sometimes be overwhelming. For example, in the middle of our family’s health issues, we had to put our dog, Hunter, down last week. Hunter had been in our family 13 years, and so it was a difficult week. But through our compassionate veterinarian and his staff, we saw God’s goodness even in that tough situation.

I don’t know for sure what you’re facing this Thanksgiving, but I do know God KNOWS, SEES, and CARES. I know He is there for you, whether you’re in the clouds or in the depths. It might be helpful for you to begin a gratitude list. Just start writing a list of everything you’re grateful for. Let it be an ongoing list and keep adding. I believe that list will encourage you and help you see just how God is at work in your life. It’s been proven that gratitude is the healthiest of emotions.

This Sunday is the beginning of our Year-End Giving emphasis. Make sure to spend time asking God to show you what He would have you give as a way of expressing your gratitude to Him and your church. Our focus on Sunday will be on the fact that you are always on God’s mind. There is tremendous security in knowing that reality.

Pastor Ron

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