Thursday, December 8, 2011

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Communion!

Hey everybody, this Sunday our Year-End Giving emphasis moves into full swing. I want to ask that you make this a matter of your prayers. I know we get many requests for giving this time of year. The unique idea about our Year-End Giving approach is that we ask you to give out of your appreciation for what God has done in your life through our church this year.

It’s really cool that each dollar we give goes to improve and enhance ministry. We are able to take ground in ministry areas that would be impossible without this giving. Even better is that, unlike some other giving requests you’ll get this season, giving to our Year-End Gift emphasis not only helps meet people’s physical needs, but it also helps people know the source of hope – Jesus Christ.

Our Year-End Giving is designed to cause us to think through our spending choices. I was amazed when I read in the news this week how many people planned to spend more than they had and go deeper into debt this Christmas. Let’s fight against that tendency and make sure to keep some sanity concerning your holiday spending.

It’s clear that we’re still in the middle of some of the most difficult economic times many of us have ever faced. If you’re in that mix, we continue to pray for you and want to encourage you not to give unless you know God has guided you to do so. It’s not the giving that matters. It’s the heart.

We are observing Communion this week as part of our new series, “Believe.” We’ll look at the promise the angels made that “Jesus came to save us from our sins.” What a great way to start the Christmas season.

Praying about my giving opportunities with you,

Pastor Ron

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