Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Week @ Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody, Friend Day is this Sunday. We will put our best foot forward this weekend as we welcome your friends and our community to the beginning of a new message series. The main idea of “The Real You” series is that I can only be the real me when I know the real God who made me. If you’ve been to Journey 101, you’ve heard me say, “God made me to love me.” This is going to be a life-changing series as we embrace and celebrate who God made us to be.

I am praying for your initiative and courage as you invite your friends.

I want to devote the rest of this space to tell you about my current health status. This summer, Kimberly and I began the process of determining if I needed to be treated for my Hepatitis C now or if I could wait for future treatments. Two weeks ago we received the results back from blood tests, a liver biopsy, and an MRI. The determination by my doctor, and we concurred, is that I could not wait and should do all I can now to rid my body of this virus.

Sunday evening, October 23, I began treatment. This includes a weekly injection of Interferon and daily doses of Ribaviran for the first four weeks. If all goes well, I will then add daily doses of Telepriver to the regimen. The treatment is scheduled for 24 weeks. When I looked at the calendar I was excited to see that I would take my last shot on Easter Sunday!

The side-effects of treatment can be fatigue, flu-like symptoms, depression, anxiety, nausea, sleep disruption and some hair loss. We are asking God to take these side-effects away and use these medications as part of His plan to heal my liver.

Kim was also diagnosed with Lyme’s disease last week so we have begun treatment for her as well. Please pray for God to heal her completely.

I am so grateful to belong to such a loving and faith-filled church.

Pastor Ron

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