Friday, October 21, 2011

This Week @ Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody. We’re gearing up for our October REACH month. God has put us here and given us this property and facility to be used by Him, and the upcoming opportunities are designed to allow us to serve our community, communicate God’s message, and show people His love. We are praying big time that God will use us as we get outside of ourselves as we provide an opportunity for others to take positive steps toward a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

The three opportunities are:

- Operation Christmas Child. This has been one of our most heartfelt giving experiences as we bring one or more shoeboxes filled with gifts to send around the world to kids who would never receive a gift at Christmas time. Make sure to be here Sunday to get your boxes and instructions.

- Fall Friend Day on October 30. We will roll out our red carpet so that your friends have the best experience we can offer and connect with God’s love for them. We all know people who don’t go to church. Surveys show that they will come “if someone would just ask.” Be bold and ask.

- Fall Family Festival on October 31. We will serve our community a safe, free, and fun Halloween alternative. In order for us to provide the kind of excellent experience that will attract people and create goodwill, we need everyone to help.

I am praying now that God will use us to expand His kingdom and His influence this Fall. Will you pray with me and join us by serving?

Sunday, we wrap up our series on the Seven Deadly Sins by looking at Laziness. I hope I can muster up the energy to write my message. See you then.

Kimberly and I want to thank you for the awesome expressions of love, support and encouragement you showed us last Sunday as we celebrated 20 years of service to Twin Cities Church. You are amazing! If you missed it, watch online to hear “Do Do Ron Ron” by Denny Russell and our CA team.

Pastor Ron

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