Thursday, November 3, 2011

This Week @ Twin Cities Church - Daylight Savings Ends! Fall Back!

Hey everybody, Friend Day was just awesome. I loved going out on Facebook later in the day and seeing all the positive comments people were making about the entire day, but the highlight was the surprise Flash Mob Dance. I love our church. We showed once again that God really meant it when He said that Joy should be one of our primary identifiers as people who are being transformed by His love. Thank you to everyone who went way over the top in brainstorming, rehearsing and being available to be used by God.

As fun as that was, the most exciting thing for me was how many of you strategically used this day as an opportunity to invite your friends, family and co-workers to come. I really loved how juiced you were as you watched this service through the eyes of those friends. It’s pretty amazing how that different view helps you appreciate so much more how hard our church works to present God in relevant, creative and surprising ways. Keep those friends and family members in your prayers because you never know how God is going to work.

Thank you to everyone who made Fall Family Festival a smashing pumpkin success. I love your hearts to serve and give our community this wonderful gift! Wasn’t the hot air balloon just an awesome visual attraction? Wow!

Last Sunday’s message on being known was moving to me. I love how personal our God is and that as my family is entering into a very difficult season with both Kimberly and me receiving treatment for our physical problems that God chose this series just to inspire and encourage us. I know that’s what I felt after Sunday. This Sunday has the potential to be just as inspiring as we talk about the truth that God is always there – no matter what we’re going through. What a great confidence booster.

I am so grateful to belong to such a loving and faith-filled church. Remember to be praying now about your 2011 Year-End gifts.

Pastor Ron

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