Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Week @ Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody. I think many people may have felt the series on The Seven Deadly Sins was going to be either a sleeper or way too tough. It’s not been either extreme, but it has certainly been a series that reaches deep into areas we have kept under wraps.

Here’s how God has been working in me through this series. As I’ve shared, I have had some encounters in my family this summer which left me feeling frustrated, angry and misunderstood. What God has done is to take those encounters and allowed me to see them with fresh eyes. During this series I’ve had “AHA” moments where I could connect what my family was feeling with the sin we were talking about that week.

Here’s the really cool thing, though. God not only showed me how it was my sin that was the problem, and not my family or their perception, He also gave me something I could do differently. For example, He showed me that I often times will say things outwardly that make it seem like I’m angry – it doesn’t matter whether I am or not if my family perceives me to be angry.

Well, last weekend at our men’s retreat, Fritz Moga mentioned a principle I shared a few months back – doing something productive while waiting. God immediately said to me, “Your family thinks you’re angry when you talk about other drivers, pedestrians, etc. when they are doing something you don’t like. Instead of making those comments about them and how they need to get with the program, speak words of praise about who I am. Speak Bible verses out loud. Fill the air with positive thoughts.”

Isn’t God so cool? His patience and kindness is what leads us to repentance, and I, for one, am so glad He’s a patient and kind God. Hope that helps as you see how God works in my life.

See you Sunday as we talk about anger.

Pastor Ron

**Notes** The TCC Softball Team plays at Litton Field on Saturday at 12pm. Go cheer them on! Correction: Courageous opens September 30 at Sutton Cinemas, Grass Valley

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  1. One thing that helps in my spiritual growth is that although I can do little with a list of "Do'S and Dont's", a story picture of an alternative behavior gives me tools that I can put in my belt... An awesome idea to fill the air with praise rather than sarcasm, I've got to try this. Thanks Ron!