Friday, September 23, 2011

This Week @ Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody. On Sunday the sin of greed caught many of us by surprise. I am so grateful to God for His patience with me. He shows His kindness over and over. I am so thankful for His persistence with me. He just won’t let me go. His mercy and grace allow me to open my heart and listen as He talks through this series on the Seven Deadly Sins. I expect no less from God and will be no less open as we cover “Envy” this Sunday. God has already been working in me this week. If you’ve missed the past two weeks, please go online and watch so you can be in on what God has been doing in our church.

On a completely different subject, I want to let you know of a special milestone. Dave Bollen celebrated 15 years as our Celebration Arts Pastor on September 1. Dave and Michelle are key pieces of the Twin Cities Vision and Mission. In a day where pastors stay in a place for only a few years, Dave has shown his faithfulness to God’s call and our church.

I am so thankful for Dave’s heart to grow – he wants to be the best and give God his best. I’ve seen him take challenges and risks time and again to allow God to do the hard work of soul-transformation. I’ve seen him expand his skill set and leadership potential to allow our Arts Ministries to mature and flourish. I’ve been in on the personal discussions with Dave about his heart to passionately worship God. Dave’s pursuit of God allows him to lead our Arts teams and us to want to know God and make Him known. Please take time this Sunday to say thanks. You can also send a note to I know he would love to hear how God has used him to impact you.

Breaking free with you,

Pastor Ron

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