Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities Church - Food Drive!

Hey everybody! Last Saturday our church was able to serve our larger community of faith by hosting a memorial service for Lori Leaman, who died of cancer a few weeks ago. It was a very moving day full of tears of sadness and feelings of joy. I began the service by welcoming everyone to our facility and home. What a sense of pride I had for this place God so graciously allowed us to build.

More than the clean facility, though, I was proud of the countless volunteers who give of themselves to make sure our facility is the best it can be. Our motto is “Keeping It Like New.” I want to thank everyone who serves on the Facility Care Teams: Hub Club, 2nd Saturday Clean and those who give of themselves to serve on Monday and Thursday to clean, repair and restore. You are my people, and I am grateful for you. If you want to make a difference, just call Fred or Lisa about joining the Facility Care Team.

This weekend our “Jesus Stories” series draws us to the reason we continue to serve and give for Him. If you want, you can read ahead in Matthew 24:45-51. We’re calling this story “The Parable Of The Diligent Heart.” People sometimes portray Jesus as a soft, laid back, do nothing kind of guy. I agree that He didn’t live with the same sense of anxiety and worry we do, but there was definitely a sense of urgency about Him. That’s what this parable deals with.

If you’re a couple in the 25-35 age range, make sure to attend Fusion on Saturday evening.

If you want more information, just call the office and talk with Brett or Nancy.

Listening to Jesus with you,

Pastor Ron

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