Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities Church!

Hey everybody! I am sitting here in a beautiful church in the middle of “nowhere” Oklahoma watching a wedding rehearsal for my nephew’s marriage tomorrow. The pastor said something that struck me in a really cool way. We need cool since it is 114 degrees outside. He said, “Everyone remember this: The most important person from this moment forward is the BRIDE!” We all laughed, but it’s so true. The bride is the focus.

At that moment, I looked around at all the people here and realized that, as true as that is for a marriage ceremony, in a deeper spiritual sense, it’s different. According to the Bible there will be a day when we will be at the wedding feast of the Lamb. At that moment, the most important One is the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. All eyes will be on Him because everything will be all about Him.

One reason I love the “Jesus Stories Series” is that we, the Bride of Christ, get to place our focus directly on the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

This weekend we’re going to focus on a story that is one of the most moving of all His parables. As the rest of the parables we’ve looked at, this one will be a story of contrast. What makes this parable so special is how we get to see a side of Jesus I just love. He truly was a man of compassion toward the broken and outcast. If you want, you can read the story found in Luke 7:36-50 as we focus on “The Parable of Two Debtors” and learn how to grow hearts of gratitude.

Focusing all my attention on pleasing the Bridegroom with you,

Pastor Ron

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  1. Thank you for keeping our eyes focused on the Bridegroom through this series. I love the parables.