Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - June 9, 2011

Hey everybody,

Life is a great teacher! In fact, the Holy Spirit allows circumstances into our lives so that we can grow the fruit we’ve been studying in this series. The last message I gave was on peace, and I was amazed that the very next day life brought a wheelbarrow full of opportunities to grow. The joke around the office is that the Thompsons have a curse when it comes to vacations. Well, we’re on one right now. And it certainly began with growth possibilities.

The really cool thing is that I got to practice the principle of “calling a time out” that I shared with you that day. And guess what? It really does give you the opportunity to stop, regroup and refocus your mind. Pausing allows you to take a breath and to let your mind catch up with your feelings. I hope you’ve been finding that principle effective as well.

Focusing the mind is a spiritual discipline that we all need. In fact, I’m staying in a home that has positive messages, most of which are from the Bible, on every surface possible. Here’s one that fits this week’s message on the Fruit of Gentleness: Life is a long lesson in humility. Isn’t that true? Well, the Holy Spirit wants us to cut out the pride that is so insidious in our lives and relationships and to learn how to live without having to be the center of the world.

That’s a good definition of humility – understanding that you’re not the center of the world and treating others as if they are. This Sunday we’ll talk more about how He does this in us.

Learning more every day,

Pastor Ron

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