Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - Father's Day & Food Drive!

Hey everybody,

Sunday is for you, DAD! Dads are special to God, necessary in your family and important to our church. I hope you’ll be at church on Sunday to help set your family’s course. Whatever you do, dad, your choices show your family what you value in life.

My dad died on Easter Sunday, and as I reflected on his life, three things stood out clearly that helped shape the values in the Thompson house. First, my dad overcame a very difficult childhood. Born last of four boys, he entered into a home of poverty, alcohol and abuse. He spent his first days on earth being dragged along in a wagon while his mom picked cotton. They lived as vagabonds making their beds in a tent. He was told that school was no longer necessary for him at the end of his seventh grade year. My dad overcame this auspicious start and made sure his kids would have better.

My dad was present. He made sure his kids knew of his love in the only way he could figure out – by being there no matter what. I am amazed that he could hold down two jobs most of his working life, and still be not just at every game or event his kids were in, but at the practices and even rehearsals as well. You always knew where to find my dad – where his kids were.

My dad was dedicated. He had a love for my mom and his kids that was enduring. In fact, just days after his death, my mom celebrated 55 years of faithful marriage. My dad taught me so much about how to live, work and love. I miss him.

This Sunday, I’m going to talk to all of us about how we can build integrity into our lives and homes. See you then.

Loving my dad still,

Pastor Ron

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