Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - Communion!

Hey Everybody,

Sunday we get to wrap up our “Time To Grow” series with what I think will be the most difficult message for me.  We’re talking about how God wants to Cultivate Self-Control in our lives.  I often times feel like I lack the discipline God wants me to apply, and that frustrates me.  I think it’s important for us to understand that self-control is really a misnomer.  The “Fruit of the Spirit” is produced in us by God.  So, how do we understand our responsibility when it comes to self-discipline and making the right choices?

You’ll have to be there on Sunday to get the scoop.

We’re also celebrating Communion as we wrap up this series as a way of consecrating ourselves to the growth process God has us in during this season.

July 3 begins a brand new series called, “The Jesus Stories.”  Jesus told stories using every day examples to help people understand the truths of the Kingdom of God.  He did it in a way that was always poignant, riveting, and often confrontational.  We’re looking at His stories or parables through the lens of how he intended to capture the hearts of ordinary people and will cover as many as time allows.   Be sure to be here for each one.

We’re officially into summer now – even the weather.  I want to ask you to do two things with me.  If you’re away, make sure to watch the services you miss online.  That way you get to know what “the family” back home is experiencing and how God is moving.  You’ll also be able to stay consistent in your giving through our online giving service.  I use this method of giving, now, and it’s made giving easier and more meaningful than ever.

Growing through the power of God’s Spirit with you,

Pastor Ron

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