Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - Independence Day

Hey everybody, this weekend we get to celebrate the independence and freedom we enjoy as a nation. I am so grateful for the people who gave of themselves for the freedoms we hold dear as Americans. I am inspired by their courage and sacrifice as they gave themselves – often at great cost – to fight for something greater than their own desires.

Recently, my family had the huge privilege of being in our nation’s capital. I was in awe as we made our way around the Capitol Mall to each memorial and monument. We talked to a WWII veteran at the WWII Memorial and listened as he told us stories of the invasion of Normandy. We listened to a Vietnam veteran talk about what it was like to be in combat as we walked along the wall of names of men and women who lost their lives in that war. We got to walk through the Korean War Memorial and look at the plaque that said, “Freedom Is Never Free.” I was truly grateful.

One of the things we saw that I want to mention as we celebrate our freedom as a nation this year is this plaque I photographed of the Four Freedoms as spoken by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1941. Specifically, we’ve been given the freedom of worship. I hold that freedom dear. So, on Sunday, we’re going to set aside time in our service, during our worship, to pray for God’s will to be done in our nation and in us as Americans.

Hope to see you Sunday as we gather to express our freedom of worship. We’ll begin our new series, “The Jesus Stories: Capturing The Hearts Of Ordinary People” as well.

Pastor Ron

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