Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - April 28, 2011

Hey everybody,

“This church is awesome!” // “That was the best Easter ever!” // “The baptisms made me cry as I was reminded of the power of Jesus to change lives!” // “Thank you for making Easter so meaningful for me! I brought my family too!” // “I am so proud of our church – creative, celebration, Christ-centered!”

Those are just a few of the comments from our Easter celebration weekend. I am so grateful for your passionate heart for God and His Son. I am so grateful for all the people who served above the call of duty – out of hearts of gratitude – so that we were able to present His Son so creatively and clearly. I was so excited about how many of you invited friends and family. Thanks for trusting us to present Jesus clearly and sincerely. You blessed this pastor’s heart.

On a somber note for me, my dad went to heaven this week. I had told you a week ago about a heart attack he had because his oxygen machine failed to reset after a power outage. He had been taken to a skilled nursing care facility where he was receiving rehab to regain his strength. On Easter evening, he had a second heart attack. He did not recover from this one. I am so grateful for the truth I was able to share on Easter weekend. It gave me great strength and hope as I received the phone call on Sunday night.

It reminds me of a statement we used to make a lot more around here. We’re all just a breath away from eternity so let’s do our part to help people discover the way to a Christ-filled eternity.

This Sunday we dig into our new series, “Time To Grow.” I am so thrilled and ready to grow and become more of the man God designed me to be.

Letting God do His work in me,

Pastor Ron

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