Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - April 21, 2011 - Easter!

Hey everybody, I love Easter. I love its story, and I love its meaning. Easter is a day of awesome celebration filled with a real hope. That resurrection morning must have been pretty awesomely scary and electric. Imagine seeing Jesus – whom you had just watched die a horrendous death three days earlier – standing right in front of you. Not as a ghost, but as a real person who had been dead, and is now undead. It must have been both amazing and unbelievable at the same time.

I hope and pray that Easter still has that kind of deep emotional feeling for you. It does for me. I have been studying the Easter story from John 20 and 21 in preparation for our services this weekend, and I am so eager to share what I’ve seen in the lives of those who saw Jesus ALIVE!

I watched a great video this week that pumped me up for Easter. You can follow this link and watch it yourself.

Easter is one of the easiest days to invite people to church. Will you join me in inviting someone to Easter with you? Will you take the initiative and make a call or walk next door just to make a simple ask. “Hey, this Sunday is Easter. Would you want to go experience it at my church? You can also send them an invitation using Facebook:

Easter will also kick off our Spring series, “Time to Grow.” I am super pumped for this series. It’s one I need. In fact, this is one I’m desperate for. I know I need to make some new steps in becoming like Jesus, and I need help and motivation.

Celebrating the hope of the resurrection with you,

Pastor Ron

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