Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Week at Twin Cities - May 5, 2011

Hey everybody,

Thank you for your prayers, notes and cards expressing your condolences to my family after the death of my dad last week. He went to heaven on Easter evening, the same day his family was celebrating the promises we know because God raised Jesus from the dead. Wow! I was privileged to deliver his memorial message and honor my dad for the role he had played in the life of our family. Thanks for lifting me to our Father in your prayers.

We began our new series, “Time To Grow,” last weekend and learned the difference between trying to be more like God and allowing God and His Spirit to make us more like Him. What a difference! If you weren’t with us, I want to encourage you to watch the service online. It’s key to understanding the next few weeks. If you haven’t noticed yet, we now offer our video in two formats – one with the music included, and one without the music. Depending on your need, you can choose which format to watch.

This Sunday, we take a look at the first aspect of the fruit God is growing in us. We’re going to talk about Love. I think it’s awesome in God’s timing that on Mother’s Day we get to talk about the number one character trait a mom exhibits most – love. I hope you’ll be here to learn how we all can increase our love capacity because it’s time to grow in love.

Letting God do His work in me,

Pastor Ron

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