Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - October 21, 2010

Hey everybody, I have received many emails, notes and Connection Card comments letting me know how the messages on stewardship and generosity impacted folks in a positive way. One person wrote, “We are moving our giving from $50 per week to $200 per week. This will be a stretch of faith for us since I am still on disability.” Another person wrote, “We have decided it was time for us to increase our weekly giving. God has blessed us with a steady income, and we want to honor that by giving more to our church.” Still another wrote, “Our family is being forced to decrease our giving because our income is half of what it was. We are still tithing.”

I know we are still living in a time of tough economic stress. That’s why I am so encouraged by the responses over the past few weeks. One person wrote, “These issues of money and giving have been a source of contention in our home. I want us to be free to give generously and trust God. Please pray for us.” I think these responses recognize God’s ownership over all we own.

October 31 is our Fall Friends Day and Fall Family Festival. I’ll begin a new message series that day based on the song, Amazing Grace. Hopefully, your friends will come back with you to FFF as we transform our parking lot into a carnival atmosphere. We still need lots of people to sign up for game booths, clean up, and overall help in order to make the evening great. Please be praying for the 3 people from your world you want to invite for Friend Day and FFF.

This Sunday we wrap up our “Wide Open” series. I’ll be speaking on Micah 6:8 and talking about God’s challenge to His people, His church, to hold nothing back in our mission for Him.

Pastor Ron

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