Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - July 8, 2010

Hey everybody,

Wow! I was so thrilled by your expressions of gratitude and appreciation for our Independence Day service. Big thanks go out to all of our ministry teams for serving on a day when the rest of America played. Twin Cities would not exist or be the church we are without the faithful servants who give of themselves so faithfully FOR others.

If you were not able to be with us on Sunday, you’ll want to watch the service online or get a copy of the CD so you can be in tune with what God is about to do in the life of our church through our “Authentic” series. You could even get up early and listen to the service on KNCO 830AM at 7:00 on Sunday morning as you get ready to come to church.

Make sure to bring your Bible with you. Our “Authentic” series is a great series to practice using your Bible during our services. Each week we’re going through a section of the New Testament book of James. If you forget your Bible, we’ve got you covered. Just look for the bookshelves on each side of the fireplace. Grab a Bible as you go by and then put it back as you leave. People who do not have a Bible at all will be encouraged to take it with them for FREE! We want people to have access to God’s word wherever they are.

I want to suggest that you open your Bible before Sunday and read James 1:19-27. You’ll be even more prepared for what you hear when you get here. The overall theme we’ll be looking at is “Authentic Obedience: Doing Hard Things.”

Loving the summer with you,

Pastor Ron

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