Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - July 1, 2010

Hey everybody, bring your Bible to church this week. One of our 2010 goals is that each of us would spend more time in our Bibles – reading, reflecting and journaling. This summer we’re going to be in a series that takes us verse by verse through the New Testament book of James. You’ll be able to read along in your own Bible, making it even more personal to you. You’ll be able to write notes in the pages of your own Bible, making it even more practical for you.

Make sure to grab your Bible as you head out to church this Sunday.

If you happen to forget your Bible, we’re going to have copies available in the lobby. At each side of the fireplace before the auditorium entrance, there will be a bookshelf with Bibles on it. Just grab one as you go by and then put it back as you leave. People who do not have a Bible at all will be encouraged to take it with them for FREE! We want people to have access to God’s word wherever they are.

Last week, I mentioned to everyone that our church has been so effective at keeping expenses in line with giving from the day our church began. It seemed like God always brought people who could fill the financial gaps when the need became the greatest. Well, we’re in a season where we need people to step in and fill the gaps. I know we have people who are not able to give at all – we’re not asking you to. I also know that we have people who are giving and could give more if they were asked – we’re asking you to.

If we all give consistently and faithfully as God directs, we will weather this economic struggle.

Giving my all with you,

Pastor Ron

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