Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - July 30, 2010

Hey everybody,

What an amazing day last Sunday turned out to be. Our Celebration Arts Team served up a service with a twist. I really applaud the work it took to lead us so well to experience God in singing. I’ve had several people ask what instrument that flute thing was that Mike Oitzman played. It’s a Penny Whistle, and it’s always a pleasure to have that added surprise in our service. The change of pace and variety we experienced on Sunday was awesome. Make sure to tell the CA Team how much you appreciate them.

Last Sunday we focused on a phrase: “Don’t Tell Me, Show Me.” It fit so well with what we learned through the teaching from James. I’ve heard from several people that their conversations on Sunday afternoon centered on this life-changing concept and how well it tied in to what God spoke to us through James. Summer is a great time to grow with God. I want to encourage you that God meets us each week as we come together. Make it a priority to be with us.

Thank you so much for how you have responded to the giving challenge for the past few weeks. July is usually a low giving month, and yet it was the first month this year that our giving was over budget. I was so encouraged. You are so amazing. Please continue to make your consistent giving a priority. We are currently $60k behind for the year. The staff is doing great at curtailing spending. We’re looking at ways to do even better as we go through the final 5 months of 2010. Let’s all be faithful stewards together.

On Sunday we continue our series through James as we learn to be “Authentic.” Make sure to read James 3:1-12 so that you come ready to hear what God has to say about controlling our tongues.

Loving this series,

Pastor Ron

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