Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - June 24, 2010

Hey everybody, Passionately Loving God, Loving People, Serving Others and Reaching Our World is what we’re all about. For 18 years now we’ve unapologetically said, “Twin Cities is here to help people connect to Jesus Christ and His Church and fulfill His mission.” We believe that God’s church is here to be part of His global plan to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

As I walked and rode around Israel a few weeks ago, I was struck by this: As long as God’s people kept their focus on Him and lived His way, God blessed them. Any time they took matters into their own hands and switched the focus on their own needs or comfort and began to call their own shots, He took off His hand of blessing. This was a huge word of warning to me.

We must keep our eyes focused on the people who still need to connect with Jesus. Our goal has always been for every man, woman and child in Western Nevada County to hear a well articulated presentation of Jesus Christ and get the opportunity to accept Him or not. Folks, the fields around us are ready for harvest. We’ve had more people baptized in the first six months than any year in our existence. I pray you will join me in doing all you can so that everyone can hear.

This Sunday we wrap up our “Relational Intelligence” series. Jesus said, “They will know Me by the love you have for one another.” This is why this series has been so important, not just for our relationships, but for the sake of the eternal destination of many who live around us. I hope to see you Sunday.

You might be interested in taking a Relational IQ test. If so, just follow this link: — Click on “Take the RI Assessment.”

Pastor Ron

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