Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - May 13, 2010

Hey everybody, I have a couple of important pieces of news to share today. First, this weekend is the Amgen Tour Of California. Imagine the exposure our community will receive this weekend. The news you’ll want to be aware of is this: The race may impact your travel to and from church on Sunday.

We have received the schedule and street closures for Sunday, and here’s what it looks like for now. The race will kick off around 11:45 in Nevada City. The racers will travel down Ridge Road to Alta Street in Grass Valley. At Alta, they will make their way downtown where they will take 174 to Rattlesnake Road and travel down Rattlesnake to Dog Bar Road and out of our area.

It looks like the race will not impact our services. My suggestion, though, is for 3rd service folks to be on time or even a few minutes early. Roads will not be closed until the racers are making their approach. It will all happen during the 3rd service and be out of our area by the time the service is over.

The second piece of news has to do with some construction work to be done on our site. Beginning May 17, we’re adding a third entrance off of Rough and Ready Highway and making some alterations to our onsite traffic flow. The possibility of doing this construction has been in the works for quite some time, but last week the window was opened wide. I’ll talk about how exciting this is on Sunday morning.

On Sunday, we’ll continue our series on “Relational Intelligence.” I can’t wait to share some teaching I’ve learned in the past year on how to handle the normal expectation gaps we experience as we relate to others.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Ron

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