Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week at Twin Cities - May 20, 2010

Hey everybody, Sunday is one of those special days in the life of our church family. First, we get to celebrate Communion together. Our series on Relational Intelligence continues with the most important message in the entire series: “Learn To Be Loved By God.” Folks, this is the core. Knowing and experiencing God’s love is the key to all other relationships in life. God’s love motivates us positively in all we do. Yet so many people wonder, “Does God really love me?” O, they don’t “feel God’s love.”

Make sure to be here on Sunday as we talk about how we can be 100% certain of His love.

Second, we’re going to honor our Small Group leaders this Sunday. This Spring we have 964 people involved in Twin Cities Small Groups. Research shows that the key to the success of a Small Group is the quality of the leader. Here at Twin Cities, we have been blessed with an overflow of amazing Small Group leaders who care deeply about the people God is allowing them the privilege to shepherd. We want every Small Group member to be here Sunday so we can encourage these leaders who make our Small Groups work. We’ll give them a big “Way to Go!!” in each service.

Last week we announced the start of the construction work to deal specifically with the parking and traffic flow issues we’ve faced since moving into our facility in 2005. If you weren’t here, make sure to pick up one of the inserts we provided last week during our services. We have also put the information on our website so you can see it there.

I can’t wait for Sunday,

Pastor Ron

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