Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Week at Twin Cities - December 17, 2009

Hey Gang,

Christmas is upon us! I’ve already enjoyed this season. Even though it’s been just as busy with parties, events and service planning, I’m the one who has been different. Call it the “post-Uganda afterglow” or maybe I’ve grown over the past year in a significant way, but I’m not feeling the typical anxiety and stress of the season.

It feels like I’ve pulled my foot off the gas. You know the difference between going 62 on Highway 49 and keeping the speedometer at 55. It takes the edge off. It’s my prayer that each of us will become aware of how the season can rob us of joy, not necessarily because we’re doing too much, but in the attitude we carry.

On Sunday we’ll continue the Carols of Christmas as we talk about releasing our grief. The holidays have a way of turning up the loneliness, desperation and depression we feel because of the loss or losses we’ve experienced. We can feel like we’re the only one and end up resenting God and others for our circumstances. We’ll look at a carol this week that will help us with those feelings.

This Sunday is the third week of our 2009 Year-End Gift. There are several ways for you to discover why this gift is so important to us – as a church and individually. You can read the Newsletter that came to your home, or the letter we mailed, or go online and read the page which explains why we do this each year.

Our giving is more vital right now than ever as we end a financially tough 2009. Our Year-End Gift is all about vision and priority for our future days. It’s my desire that we will all consider how we can limit consumption during the holidays so we can give more to invest in God’s eternal work through our church.

Celebrating the meaning of Christmas with you,

Pastor Ron

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